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Whiteboard Animation is one of the most popular of all entertainment genres. Whiteboard Animation is growing and can be found throughout the internet, but make sure you do some shopping before you make the leap.  If you do not know about whiteboard videos you may want to check a couple of them out.  We highly recommend visiting our Video Examples page to see what is out there.    The best explanation of whiteboard is you take a creative story, create a story board with pictures, then record yourself drawing the pictures on a whiteboard.  After that, you take your favorite video production software and begin editing.  On the surface it may look easy but once you dive into whiteboard videos you will see it takes a lot of work and practice.  It takes a couple of talented people and some creative minds to produce a high quality whiteboard animation video.

Ydraw Creates #1 Whiteboard Videos

Ydraw has done extensive studies against our competition.  We have researched 8 of the top whiteboard animation and video scribing companies and have found that Ydraw produces the best quality for the best Price.  If are looking for quality and do not care about a price you have a total of 3 companies out of the 8 that stand above the rest Ydraw being one of them.   Quality means the art work is clean and professional, the artists are unique, and the video is put together in a way pleasing to the audience.  The other 5 companies do not compare nor do they focus on Videos scribing alone.  The price point between the 8 video scribing  companies ranges from $30,000 to $4,000 for a 2 minute video. Obviously Ydraw wanted to Produce the best video for the best price.  We have done just that and we are proud to say that Ydraw produces the best quality for the best price.

Ydraw’s Quality

Check out some of our storyboarding Pictures or if you really want to see what we are about you can check out this link

Ydraw vs the Competition

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