The Whiteboard Animation Secret

The Whiteboard Animation Secret

Have you see the latest and greatest whiteboard videos?  Below is a fun whiteboard video created by ydraw for Amazon.  There is a lot of power behind a video with great art, music, sound effects and motion. It is important to have all of the sense engaged when it comes to whiteboard video you can’t leave out things. Watch it and let us know what you think and below I will share with you the reason why you would want to choose Ydraw.

I received and email from one of our wonderful Clients. For some reason her boss used another company for their whiteboard video. They gave him a good pitch about their philosophy. It was horribly done and lacked everything that people love. I am going to post our email conversation so you can see what the response was. She asked what I thought about the video and the company that created it. This is my response.


The Loaded Answer about the other Scribing Company (called Whiteboard company false name)
First off, we do like Whiteboard Company and I have nothing against them, but I have everything against their videos. They are good guys so I am not being mean, just blunt.


I just ran some tests on the video they created for you. You have a drop off rate of 64% meaning that by the end of the video you have lost 64% of the audience. I did not have a large test audience but it is pretty close. If Ydraw created that same video and made a couple of adjustments your drop-off rate would be about 25%, the art would look 10 times better and we would brand it to match your company. All of this makes a huge difference.


I took a screen shot of a computer scene on your Video and I took a screen shot a Ydraw video that we just sent out. Both have a computer scenes in them. Check them out and see which one you will remember. Which one is better? Which one looks amazing? Which image captures your attention? Which one keeps you scribitized?


Whiteboard company animation videosWhiteboard-Animation-Video-Company-300x168

The whole philosophy behind Ydraw is conversions. We want the audience to take action after the video. Or better yet, we want them to watch the video a second time so that the message gets ingrained into their minds. The brain loves images and the more you put into the images the more the brain will remember it. At Ydraw, we do not focus solely on images. Our goal is to engage all of the senses hence the music, sound effects and moving parts.

Just so everyone knows we base our video on two books. This is our philosophy and we try to stick to it. I put two links below so you can read our articles.

Made to Stick

Power of Influence

Watch your video and you will see it what it lacks!

1. No story
2. No Cool Factor
3. No music (go here and watch the video at the end on music. It’s funny)
4. The images did not have your actual tools or your branding.
5. Artist skills. (our artist come from Disney, Marvel, and the Cartoon Network)
6. There’s nothing unexpected or catchy.
7. No smile factor!

Whiteboard Company Pricing and Style

I am not totally sure how much Whiteboard Company charged for this video, but most of the time their pricing is a lot higher then ours, unless they have made adjustments to their pricing structure. They have one style and do not have the capability to adapt their style to the style that the company needs. We can!

So there you have it. Your partnership with whiteboard company will cost you more, limits your capabilities and will not get the results your clients want. We want to WOW them.

Test them and have people look at the difference. You will find that 99% of the time Ydraw wins hands down. The best companies and marketing companies in the world choose Ydraw. We are the #1 video scribing company in the world and I am very adamant about it.

We love you guys and have had a great time working with you. I hope we did not do anything that made Larry “turn to the Darkside” 🙂 You and Jeanette have been Awesome to work with and are on top of everything. We appreciate it. The videos we are currently working on will turn out great.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to gain your business.

Your humble Servant

+Jace Vernon