The Echeck Whiteboard Video

The Echeck Whiteboard Video


=====The Whiteboard Video Script, Storyboard, and Layout=====

We get asked all the time. “How does the whiteboard video process work?” Well, it is not rocket science but it is closely related to physics. You see Ydraw trys to keep things so simple but for those who have a hard time to work below will give you a feel for what you can expect during your Ydraw experience.  Here, we will work back and forth with you to create the perfect script for your company.  Next, a talented artist is chosen and receives the written script with direction on how to create a masterpiece.  Below, you’ll see the script, written storyboard and the actual artwork together in a simple layout.     Each client will receive this layout where they will be able to make any changes if needed. In this part of the process, they will also be able to select their desired voice over.  Once all is approved, the artwork will be put into recording and editing. It is that simple.

TheEcheck whiteboard videos

Scene# 1



Financial freedom.  It’s something we all want, but very few of us achieve. Draw the warrior.Draw the water around him.Color and shade.
Are you tired of working your tail off day after day, just to stay financially afloat? Draw the ball and chain.Draw the water drops around his head.
Well, you don’t have to any more.  When you become a reseller for,. Draw the lifeguard ring and rope.Digitally insert “The ECheck