A New and Powerful Way To Tell Your Story

“When you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered, start with a story of human struggle and eventual triumph. It will capture people’s hearts – by first attracting their brains.”

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Why(Y) Do We Love Stories?

A simple story can educate, inspire, change behavior, create feelings, grab attention, cause anger, or motivate. Think about it… everyday, millions of people buy expensive tickets to watch stories in theaters. 

We discovered that, in order to motivate a desire to help others, a story must first sustain attention – a scarce resource in the brain – by developing tension during the narrative. If the story is able to create that tension, then it is likely that attentive viewers/listeners will share the emotions of the characters and continue mimicking those feelings and behaviors.  This explains why one might feel invincible after watching James Bond or hopeful and motivated after watching The Greatest Showman.

A boring story can kill any audience. Ydraw has created the perfect system to tell your story and entertain your audience all at the same time.

Introducing Ystories


Story #1

Your Company’s CEO, President, or Founders wants to tell the story of how their business was started. This is a great way to help others understand your why!
“People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
Simon Sinek

Author, Start With Why

Story #2

In terms of making impact, this blows the standard PowerPoint presentation to bits. I advise business people to begin every presentation with a compelling, human-scale story. Why should customers or a person on the street care about the project you are proposing? How does it change the world or improve lives? How will people feel when it is complete? These are the components that make information persuasive and memorable.
Paul J Zak

Harvard Business Review

Start With A Metaphor. This is a great way to tell a simple story that others will remember. It’s powerful, it’s fun and your audience will love you for it… 🙂

There are so many different ways you can tell your story… Are you ready to TELL it?