Video Hosting Alternatives to YouTube

Video Hosting Alternatives to YouTube

Video Hosting Alternatives to YouTube

When it comes to video hosting sites, everyone is aware that YouTube takes the cake (ok, so your grandparents are still a little unaware). However, there are other options out there. Here is a list of 5 video hosting sites that will host your marketing video just as well, but still fall in line behind the infamous YouTube.

1. Vimeo

YouTube continually outranks Vimeo because you just can’t beat free. Though Vimeo does offer a free account, there are many restrictions. Their paid account offers several high-tech video editing and hosting options that even surpass YouTube standards.





2. Wistia

If you only have up to three videos, Wistia will host them for free and give you access to all the Wistia features – including their ‘heat map,’ which measures viewer engagement every second.

If you have more than a few videos, Wistia offers a couple different options: for $23/month you can host up to six videos and $79/month gets you unlimited video hosting along with 200GB bandwidth per month.





3. Dailymotion

Despite it’s restrictions – video length is limited to 2GB and 60 minutes and upload quality is limited to 1280*720p – this French video-sharing site is a great competitor to YouTube. Daily motion allows users to watch, upload, and browse videos via tags, channels or groups.






4. Veoh

Veoh is a solid, reliable video sharing site with an added bonus of zero size restrictions. Veoh accepts several different formats and once uploaded, your videos are easy to embed them on your website or blog. There is also an active community where you can connect with other users, rate videos, leave comments and participate in forums.





5. Flickrflickr

It’s true, this popular photo site is not only for images. A free Flickr account allows up to two video uploads per month with
90 second max length and 150MB size restrictions. A paid account giets you unlimited videos, but the same length and size restrictions apply.

+Jessica Anderson