Marketing with Social Media and Video

Marketing with Social Media and Video | Video Scribing Tips


Marketing with Social Media and Video

Marketing with Social Media and Video

In this day and age, social media marketing is essential in any marketing campaign. People are on social networks now more than ever before, and this doesn’t need to be proven, it is apparent. How many of you have a social network tab open on your computer, or a social notification you haven’t checked on your phone? I bet nearly every person has at least one of these, and will check it by the end of the day.


So now it is time to learn how to take advantage of social media through the use of video, and learn how to connect with users and attract them to your site, business, product, or service.


How Do I Start?


First, it is a good idea to look at some of your competitors’ social media platforms, and see how they are using Facebook and Twitter to engage their followers. Are they posting images? Videos? Doing giveaways? In a lot of places you will see that viewers are more engaged by images and video, they are easy on the eye, engaging, give a whole new dimension to a message, and can direct someone right to your site.


Once you get a feel for what other people are doing in your field, try to develop a schedule for daily posts and engagements. Try to make a strategy that is the same every week, so that your followers know what to expect, and can look forward to your posts. Try developing one short video a week, or linking to your company video the same time every week. Keep engagement with your followers, give them valuable information they would benefit from, keep them entertained.


Frequency of Posting


Some sources say it is good to post something new twice a day, in my opinion, it is more valuable to post once a day, preferably early morning, giving followers something that is quality and not just put together in two seconds. Always ask yourself, “if I was a consumer, what would I want to read about?