Jones, Rex Jones

“If perfect is possible never accept anything less. If perfect is not possible, go for the next best thing.”

         -Rex Jones


employee highlight YdrawThe first time we met Rex Jones was two days after a broken clavicle surgery. He walked into our office for a job interview with his arm wrapped in a sling, ice pack on shoulder, and a little tipsy on Lortab. Naturally, we gave him the job. There is no question Rex’s life quest for the perfect body, willingness to bomb hills on his bike, and complete disregard for his own safety has given him some guts. Rex’s job description includes editing whiteboard animation videos and video effects. He is the Photoshop expert in the office and has a passion for photography (he is actually pretty amazing at it too!). We don’t know how to say this but… Rex is kind of a big deal. His hobbies range from acting, to ceramics, and even some wood working on the side. Oh, did we mention he spends his time away from extreme sports pursuing a larger vocabulary? We love Rex and he helps make Ydraw the bomb. Thanks Rex!


Ydraw employee highlight -Rex