Jace Vernon

Jace Vernon is (co-founder) and the runner boy of Ydraw.   Jace Vernon will spends a lot of time taking care of the day to day tasks of keeping Ydraw a full functioning operation.  He does have an MBA degrees that says he is good in business, but his real education has comes from the school of hard knox.  He is a true entrepreneur and is considered “unemployable”. He created a couple of companies right out of college and managed to make a lot of money and a lot of mistakes. Some of his greatest accomplishments have been dunking  a basketball, getting a hole-in-one, reading 150 business books in a year, and winning the football city league. It is tough to do all that but somebody has to. Jace Vernon has triumphed, conquered, and failed in business endeavors which have created some great  building blocks for Ydraw. He is here to serve you and would love to help in anyway possible.