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Jace Vernon, Co-Founder of Ydraw, never stops. Jace is constantly trying to find new things to do, or new ways to improve. This mindset led Jace to read 150 business books in one year (a special thanks to the extremely comfortable couches at Barnes and Noble). To Jace, his customers mean the world to him. We are pretty sure he’s obsessed with making his customers happy. Don’t worry; we haven’t seen any life-sized posters of our customers in his office…yet. Jace managed to graduate with an MBA, which doesn’t mean much, because his real education came from the school of hard knocks; he was a multi-millionaire by age 26 and broke by age 29. Some of his greatest accomplishments include dunking a basketball, getting a hole-in-one, and winning city league football. We know it sounds exhausting… but somebody has to do it! Triumphing, conquering, and failing in business endeavors have created amazing building blocks for Ydraw.

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