How to Generate Business with Your Video

How to Generate Business with Your Video

Video moves crowds! Studies show that people have watched one trillion YouTube videos as of 2011. Video captivates the audience through moving visuals and text, and offers more information within a short span of time. As well as cater the needs of those who tend to skip lengthy paragraphs of text. So, how do you generate       business with your video? It is simple you have to create one first and then put into action. We use video in the following places:

  1. Website
  2. YouTube Ad’s
  3. Email marketing
  4. Conferences and Expos
  5. Social media
  6. Search Engine Optimization

1. Website

Generating business with your own website seems like a no brainer, right? You probably have hundreds, maybe even thousands of clients on and off your website everyday, constantly clicking on anything and everything to find out more information about your company. You and I both know it’s no fun to read through articles constantly. What better way to grasp client’s attention than through the art of video. We have found that a video on your home page will increase Dwell rate and opt in rates 10 fold.

2. YouTube Ad’s

Youtube Ad’s can be a cheap way to capture some leads as long as you do it correctly. I have flushed some money down the toilet because I had too many people in India watching my ads. When it comes to google you have to watch where your clicks are pay attention to your daily spend. Obviously India folk are not my target audience. Other than that, advertising your video on YouTube is a brilliant idea. You can pay pennies for views.

3. Email Marketing

The key to email marketing your video is creating a catchy email that will entice your audience to watch your video instead of automatically hitting that delete button we’re all so fond of when we’re scrolling through emails. What I like to do it place an image with a play button in the middle of it. Kind of like the one you see below. When someone opens the email and they click on the play button it will take them to a page on my site where I have the Video on AutoPlay. I always like to drive traffic to my site. On a side note make sure the title is catchy it plays a major roll in compelling the users to click.


4. Conferences

Conferences, expos and tradeshows can generate some great leads if you can get people to stop by your booth. We will have our video playing just to grab attention. The eyes are drawn to motion. Our clients have also experience huge success with playing videos on jumbo screens to introduce a new product.

5. Social Media

Social Media is an awesome way to generate business with your video. From friends to business contacts you are given so many options. The opportunities are endless at this point. Now a days business travels through word of mouth. The more people are viewing your video the more watched, talked about, and popular it will be! Think about it, that yummy place you had lunch at today, one of your friends or co-workers probably told you about. Your video, no matter what business will be passed on to somebody else at some point in time and, you never know when those “friends