Google Rolls Out Gmail Video Ads | Tutorial

At Ydraw we are always looking for new ways to leverage our videos effectively and then share that knowledge with our clients. We’ve spent thousands on Gmail ads to generate leads for Ydraw and have seen great results. The new video marketing capabilities Google  implemented just add to our excitement and create more opportunities to capture quality leads. In the tutorial below, we are going to show you how to set up your first Gmail video ad.

Here is an example of Gmail video ad:

How awesome is that? You can deliver your full message right within gmail.

This is perfect! With one click your video will pop-up. One of the biggest benefits to Gmail ads is the your target audience doesn’t have to leave Gmail to see your ad. It’s simple way to deliver your message without forcing them to landing page they’ll leave quickly on.

Before we jump into the tutorial you need to make sure you have a couple of things in place.

  1. A great video (that’s our job)
  2. Your video has to be uploaded to YouTube.

Without those two step you do not even have the option to run video ads.

Here is How to Create a Gmail Video Ad

  1. Open up an Adwords account (If you would like $100 dollars in Google ads, let me know at, I can send you a code created by my partner account. You do have to spend $25 to get the $100.)
  2. Create a new display campaign
  3. Create the actual Gmail ad
  4. Choose the right audience
  5. Let it run

Time to implement your Ydraw video, and start seeing amazing results.

To see the full tutorial watch Jace’s tutorial below:

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