Explainer Video Tips

Explainer Video Tips to Increase Your Online Presentation Following:

When you are creating content for a video make sure it is simple, fun and educational.  Consider the following tips:

  • The initial message of your video needs to grab the attention of your reader or watcher within the first 5 seconds with a message like “Hey! or STOP what You’re doing!” etc.. This is not easy to do.  40% of your audience will click away within the first 5 seconds of your video.  The image is a screen show of our New Year Video. This video performed very well we only had about a 10% drop off in the first 10 seconds.
  • Video Scribing

  • The explanation of your services should be direct, concise and clear
  • Explaining a process of a video can be extremely tedious if the watcher does not have a basis of what they are doing right away. (So give the source of where the problem starts)
  • Use eye catching material, but make sure that all facts and sources pulled are accurate and from a reliable source.. (Google, USA today, etc..)
  • When creating a video that explains a process, use the 1,2,3, step process.  Make sure that it is easy to understand.


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  • Make sure your explainer video is extremely simple to understand and to the point.
  • Contact a professional like our Ydraw representatives if you are unsure on how to move forward getting the best “viewer to customer” conversions.

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