Animation Video Styles and Ideas For Canyon Media

Whiteboard Animation

We basically invented the whiteboard video back in 2011. Don’t be fooled by those fake programs and clipart. Nobody beats our quality or our process.

$5000 – $7500

Low Budget Whiteboard Animation

Tight on cash? Get a low budget whiteboard video. They don’t look for feel low budget.


Educational Style Whiteboard Animation

Trying to teach? This style will keep your audience watching and learning at the same time..

Line Animation

A Simple Line Animation video to help explain your product or service. Here’s the secret sauce: We hit both sides of the brain by using images to show your story and powerful words to tell it.


Kick Starter Video

We created this video for a simple kickstarter campaign. We don’t know what to call it. Still trying to figure that out.


Story Animation video

When explaining your product or service, simple animation videos work. Plus they are fun! Let’s figure out your WHY. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.


Disney Quality 2D Animation

Full 2D animation videos can get pretty expensive. $12,000 starting price. Ydraw’s 2D animation quality is the best in the business.


Animatic Story Style

This is one of our favorite styles of video. We are able to take a live story and narrate it with animation.


Live Video Mixed With Animation

Live video can be a little boring sometimes and so can professors. A little animation can go a long way.

No Name Style

We still don’t know what to call this style. We took a serious story and created a serious video. We could do more to help addicts.

Stupid Cat Videos

They have ruined our lives, but we put a little spin on it.

Captain Spry To The Rescue

We have no idea if this product works, we just created the video. Lee, our top editor, decided to take on this project himself and it worked. He is still employed.


Pretty Self Explanatory. Just watch the video and you will get why we named it Ypaint. If you don’t, you should get help!

YouTube Ad

We love YouTube ads. They can drive a lot of customers, traffic, and sales. We created this video to run in front of our competitors videos. Thats how we role.