What is the best type of video to promote my company

What is the best type of video to promote my company

Here are 5 critical features to any video Video is the ideal format for marketing a company’s product or service. Not only is video quicker and easier to process, humans tend to remember images far better than data. We retain only 10% of auditory information after three days, but 65% if the data is presented visually. So now you know you need video, and you have a basic idea of online marketing techniques. But there are five critical features needed to succeed in video marketing that you should know forwards and backwards before you even begin recording:

Stand Out

First and foremost: Think outside the box. You’ve heard before that content is key, so be creative. Playing it safe by using traditional commercial methods is boring and will not generate the buzz needed to drive traffic to your website. Media today is changing rapidly, and if you insist on sticking with your Tony-Robbins-infomercial-style guns—why there ain’t gonna be enough room on this interweb for you, partner. Use humor and play off pop-culture to boost views. Grab viewers’ attention right from the start with a catchy title, and don’t save the punch line for last—there may be a chance no one will stick around to hear it. Look at successful videos created by your competitors. Use what worked for them but give it your own unique twist. Be different enough and viewers everywhere will appreciate it and even share your creativity with their friends.

Build a Positive Reputation

Of course use humor, but don’t make it gross or offensive. Use basic good taste when promoting your brand. People love positive and tend to hold on to it longer, especially in a world where so much is negative. Another good tactic is to use the same format for each video created by your company, allowing viewers to instantly recognize who created them just by looking at them.

Make Yourself Available

Consumers today largely rely on internet and mobile media; cater to that. Use every social media platform you can to allow people to find you and potentially buy from you. Make your video interactive. When posting to Youtube, marketers often forget to make use of the free “hot link