Animated Doodle Videos

Animated doodle videos are constantly viewed everywhere. They might just be the next big thing in video marketing. Ydraw thinks so, and this is why they released a new animated doodle video exclusively for Beat Generals.


doodle video


Animated doodle videos are the next marketing trend.

Ydraw recently created a video for Beat Generals using rapid drawn animation to entice viewers and get more video views. These unique presentations are being watched over and over again, because of the enticing sketch art and video animation drawn by the most qualified artists.   [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=bRo6fMUwod8 width=640 height=480 anchor=””]   Doodles that are used in rapid drawn animation are hand scribed by professional artists including those who have created video animation for many treasured Disney films.

The video scribing process is done in stages.

First the client fills out a detailed questionnaire. After this, the scripting begins. Once the scripting is complete, it is time to storyboard the doodles to create a video that flows together. Next, the animated doodle video artists take over and complete the artwork, and the video is then edited and refined to create an outstanding scribed doodle video.   Stop motion videos are nothing compared to Ydraw’s animation style and delivery. There is no other animated doodle video company out there that can give clients a clean, detailed, customized video with better quality than Ydraw’s detailed doodles.

Video marketing professionals are always looking for the next trend in videos

Low and behold, it has arrived. But it isn’t just about the video, the doodles, and the animation. It is also about staying on top of the new trends in video advertising, and tweaking videos so they are always ahead of the new and improved video marketing strategies.   Search Ydraw’s website for further examples, how-to articles, and animated doodle video presentations; or contact Ydraw to discuss further information on how to start your processes for a unique, professional, animated doodle video.


Many marketers have been hesitant to use video on consistent basis. Some see the abandonment rates of live video and decide their return isn’t hight enough. It’s a fair concern when live video can lose 50% of its audience in 15 seconds. It’s essential to catch the attention of your audience because their attention span is very short. That’s the benefit of doodle videos. Their retention rate blows live video out of the water. Rather than seeing a huge drop off at the beginning of your video you are looking at keeping 75% of your audience throughout the duration of the video. That’s amazing! We are talking about tripling your conversions with a Ydraw doodle video.


Creating a great video is key but your video marketing is equally important. Now that you will be boosting your abandonment rates any marketing efforts with be even more beneficial to your company. The way you market your product depends on what messaging you are delivering. Is this a message for your clients to better your services or for leads to drive sales? If you focus is to drive sales social media is essential. Sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and can drive traffic to your site. Facebook has been shady in the past but has improved heavily recently. The demographic has shifted, the new generation is moving away from using Facebook while the older generation grows stronger. This has created a better platform to market your product. In the past, the only companies having success with Facebook were MLM and dating sites. This is no longer the case. With the right scheme just about any company can have a great return on Facebook ads now.


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