Why Use Humor?

One of the best means of making a video interesting and effective is by the use of witty, funny videos.  There is nothing out there that can make a video sparkle and scintillate like perfectly directed humor.  If you do not have a bit of funny business, your audience will feel as if it has been served frosting but no cake; fireworks with no boom; or food with no flavor.  Nobody wants that.

Now you can use humor in many different ways but the best way is to weave the humor throughout the video or presentation. Even serious subjects need a little humor.  These concepts apply to presentation and videos, marketing material and advertising, large businesses and small.  Witty observations and references are excellent.  The company that can unfold an idea by the use of wholesome wit and humor will never have a hard time in locking in their audience.

So, how do you to this?

1.  Use a story –  You will have no difficulty in getting your message delivered and making it stick if you are able to find a funny story or a witty expression with which to illustrate it.  Stories are great for every audience and every occasion.  Now there is a time and place for everything, but do not think that your product is so serious that you can’t use a little humor.  The most serious of subjects can use a humorous video.  Often times those are the ones that need it most.  Business is serious  but is does not have to be dry, boring and depressing.  It goes back to early posts about Being Likable.   Be likable first and then deliver your message.  Humor is a great way to become likable.

2.  Think – I know it is hard, but your brain has the capacity to do it.  Trust me on this one!  Creative witty videos are some of the most influential videos on Youtube.   If you take a little bit of time to sit down and add a sentence or two of pure awesomeness, you will be amazed at the results.

I am a church goer and at  times I have to give a speech infront of the congregation. It can get a little awkward when you have 400 people who would rather be doing something else.   So I try to spice things up a little bit by telling a story or two about funny things that have happened to me or my family.  On occasion I will use a story with a chicken in it.  While I am telling the story, I am molding a chicken out of a bath towel.  The kids love it and it can take the edge off an otherwise serious topic plus I get a few smiles in the process.  Try IT!

Long gone are the days of boring, egotistical, non creative videos.  So when you are making your video do it the right way.  Not only does a successful video use humor, suspense, imagery, and all of the other factors of “interestingness.” (Is that even a word?) but it pulls in a little bit of education.  Go figure, the brain actually likes to learn.

This is Jace Vernon signing off.  Begin great, be humorous, and end amazing.

Your friend

+Jace Vernon


Use Humor and Be Loved – A Guide To Great Videos
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I was raised in a small farm town in Utah. Where my parents, gave me an excellent start in my life. We learned to work and I acquired a lot of great skills.

At age 19 I was shipped off to a little country in Central America called El Salvador. There I learned about sowing and reaping and picked up a few more skills that have helped me in business. Came home Graduated with a Masters Degree in Business. Got married and started my 2nd business. (my first being a window washing company.)

I would generate leads and customers by cold calling every morning and I would often times go out and knock doors to let people know about my service. It was a great time because I didn’t know any better. Nothing is more powerful than a young, ambitious, naive entrepreneur. I was worth about 6 million but shortly thereafter I was broke. Lost it all at age 28. It was then I realized I had messed up and needed some more education, some better ideas and ultimately a better philosophy.

The next year I spent hours at Barnes and Noble. I read 150 business books, which gave me more skills and a better life philosophy. I launched a couple other companies, which one did about 4 million in just a couple of months. It was about that time when I came upon a Whiteboard Videos on Youtube.

The rest is history
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