When Oracle, Verizon, and Disney need an amazing explainer video. Who do you think is on their speed dial?

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Video Scribing pricing depends on script, style, your budget, length of video and number of Videos.  Ydraw customizes  each video scribing video to fit your needs. We do not give out our pricing to everybody so fill out the form below and we will send you to our hidden Pricing Page.



  • q-iconWhy choose Ydraw for your Whiteboard Animation Needs?

    This is a great questions and we love answering it. Ydraw was one of the first companies to enter the video scribing world. We are the best and we can prove it. Check out any of our competitors and then dare to compare. You will see a huge difference in our quality and style. Go ahead do your worst. :) Ydraw vs The World

  • q-iconHow does Ydraw's Price compare to everyone elses?

    Another great questions. We are not the cheapest nor do we care to be. We keep our price around the middle of the pack. Our quality is the absolute best and our price is 20% lower than most of our competitors.

Ydraw has done extensive studies against our video scribing competition. Your satisfaction is a must for us. Ydraw researched 7 of the top whiteboard animation and video scribing companies and have found that Ydraw produces the best quality. Quality means the art work is clean and professional, the artists are unique, and the video is put together in a way pleasing to the audience. You can go check out the proof here

Ydraw Vs The World