Scaling Ydraw – Part 1

Scaling Ydraw – Part 1

The scaling is in motion. We are going to show you how we are scaling our business, with Ydraw videos, using Facebook, Adwords, and Instagram Ads.

When I say scale, I mean increase our ad spend which will, in turn, increase our leads.

The idea is more leads generate more sales. You’re getting a front row seat to the show. Feel free to ask questions and make comments–we love feedback and new ideas.

Many of you know, Ydraw is a video marketing company that focuses on whiteboard animation. We leverage our whiteboard animation videos to generate our leads on both ads and landing pages.

During this process, we hope to inspire you with ideas to scale your business by using the same mediums we are leveraging to generate leads. We are dropping a not-so-subtle hint that a whiteboard video from Ydraw is one of the most effective marketing tools to generate leads for your business. If you already have a Ydraw video, you can start implementing our practices. If you don’t have one, or need a new one, give me a call at 801-660-5154.


Over the last couple of years we have been content with the growth and profits at Ydraw. This year, we decided to add another 100k a month in revenue.

One of the biggest limitations of Ydraw is that each video is customized. It takes a lot of creativity and human capital to create a whiteboard animation video. It’s even worse with 2D and 3D animation videos. For us to scale perfectly, we would need to have a turnkey video in place or we have to find a lot of new talent.

We don’t know if we want to do that yet.

Once we increase our sales another 100K a month we will put a freeze on our ad spend and decide if we want to go on another hiring spree. Stay tuned.


When I talk numbers, I will only cover Adwords (YouTube), Facebook, and Instagram. The numbers don’t include referrals, SEO, repeat business, referral partners, etc.

We’ll be discussing ads and video ads only. All the leads are coming from ad spend.

October 2015 Ad Spend (not a good month)


Spend: $8,083

Leads: 81

Cost per lead $99.79

Click To Conversion Rate was 3% to 9%

Facebook and Instagram (Zero)

Last October we were running the following:

Keywords Search Ads (Adwords) : These are just simple keyword-targeted ads.


Gmail Sponsored Ads (AdWords): These are Gmail ads that pop up on the Gmail promotion tab


Video keywords Ads (Trueview AdWords): These are YouTube display ads for specific keywords


Video Placement Ads (AdWords): Hand-picked YouTube videos that allow ads



After looking over our numbers we realized we needed to make some adjustments to the website. This didn’t come to a surprise to us. We had discussed making changes to the site but didn’t make time to for the necessary adjustments.

I know…STUPID!

Anyone else have this problem? I hope it’s not just us, especially if things are going great and you’re making good money. It’s human nature to keep the status quo when all is well.

Our number 1 goal for the website is to collect leads. We want their email addresses or for them to pick up the phone and call. Calls have a much higher closing rate, but a lot of people are in research mode and will only leave their email.

That’s ok.

Once we collect an email address they enter our Email Campaign.

Our website was ok at the time, but was random and lacked a clear call to action.

Not to mention, there were a couple issues on Mobile that needed to be fixed.

Over Thanksgiving break, we went to work on the website. The updated version now has a clearer call to action (CTA) and we eliminated a lot of the clutter.

Basically, we simplified.

Our website contains:

The results are below.

If you’re reading this with the intention of scaling your own business, there are a few numbers you need to nail down before you increase your ad spend.

Numbers you should know:

-Cost Per Leads

-Cost Per Customer

-Closing Percentage

-Profit Per Sale

-Life Time Value Of A Customer

If you’re losing money every month, one of the numbers above is messed up.

Cost Per Lead is different for everyone.

If your industry is highly competitive you could be spending $50 dollars a click which could turn into a $500 cost per lead. This is not uncommon (Attorneys are known to spend this kind of money on leads).

At Ydraw we can afford to spend $150 to $300 per lead or $2500 a customer, and still come out on top. You may only be able to spend $3 a lead.

Just make sure know your numbers.

Obviously, the name of the game is to get the lowest cost per lead.

If you can only spend a couple dollars to generate a lead, AdWords might not be the best place start. I would look at Facebook or Instagram. You will have difficulty reaching your goals with AdWords unless you find a way to increase your prices and profits per customer.

Either way, you have to test it.


It was time to start scaling up. The new website was up, Instagram ads were working and our Facebook strategy was in place.


Spend: $8,185.35

Number of Leads: 117

Cost Per Lead: $84.62

Click to Conversion: 5.69% to 10.53%

Facebook and Instagram

Spend: $4665

Number of Leads 446

Cost Per Lead: $10.45

As you can see, the website adjustments made a big impact on our conversions. We saw a 35% decrease in Cost Per Lead and close to 87% increase in Click to Conversion.

You will also notice that Facebook and Instagram campaigns really added to the number of leads.

Our Cost Per Lead is much lower on Facebook and Instagram, but those leads are not as high of quality as AdWords.

There is a difference between people who are actively searching and people you interrupt. Facebook and Instagram are interruption techniques, meaning they are not actively searching for our product or service.

There is a longer sales cycle, but the return on investment (ROI) is still big.

What I love about Facebook and Instragram ads are the shares, likes, and comments. Here is the Instagram video ad we are running.


Take note of the comments and shares. We love these ads because we are getting free customers. When one person sees our ad and thinks their friend needs it, they share the ad.

This is like an instant endorsement.

These are factors that are extremely hard to measure. All I know is that things are working.

For example…

In one day I had $18,000 in sales from Instagram ads.

We spent around $150 on ads that day. The whole month of January we spent $4665 on ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

I do not have the exact amount of sales that came in from Facebook and Instagram, but it was a lot (still trying to track them more effectively).

These are exciting numbers!

The Plan Moving Forward:

Over the coming weeks I plan to increase ad spend by $3000 and make some more adjustments.

The goal is to lower or maintain the same Cost Per Lead.

Here are some key factors that contributed to our success in the month of January.

  • New Website Design
  • New Facebook and Instagram Video Ads
  • Lookalike Audience Created from Conversion
  • Increase Ad Spend

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at I would be happy to discuss your business.

I am excited for what 2016 holds.

Happy Scaling…

3 Tips for Marketing Your Whiteboard Video on Social Media

Video has become one of the effective ways to produce sales leads and increase conversion rates. Many companies will be spending millions on marketing their videos this year, but we wanted to write a post for those companies working on a shoe string budget but still wanting their message to be heard. Once we’ve produced your amazing video, how do you push it out effectively? Here are three steps to marketing your new Ydraw video.

The Day Your Video Launches

1.    Email Blast – Email campaigns are one the most effective ways to communicate with your clients and potential customers. We are always looking for new ways to build our email list with genuine leads and find what types of emails convert the best. One way we get high click-through rates is by including a thumbnail of the video and short description of the article.

 hashtags Ydraw

By linking the article to a blog post or landing page with the video attached, it gives us the opportunity to educate our audience through both video and sales copy. We always include relevant links to previous blog posts and our homepage—the longer you can keep potential customers on your site the quicker you’ll increase your conversions (linking to previous articles also boosts your SEO).

2.   Tweet Multiple Times – If you have a following on twitter, tweeting about your video 3 or 4 times the day it launches is a great way to drive traffic. This may sound spammy but because the Twitter community moves so fast, this behavior is acceptable. However not everyone has a huge twitter following, so how can you fix that?

Twitter can be hit or miss for many companies. It is easy to get overlooked by the millions of tweets that are going on all the time. However, if you can find your niche you can drive consistent traffic to your site and create a place to interact with fans of your company. Here is a great way to boost your twitter campaigns: – This a site that allows you plug in the twitter URL of leaders in your industry and follow their followers. This a great way to reach out to tweeters who are already interested in your product or service. This tool also allows you to unfollow tweeters who don’t follow you back, this is important because Twitter limits the amount of people you can follow if only a few people follow you back. Tweepi is one of the most effective tools to build a genuine twitter following. This technique takes time, but as you gain a bigger following more people will be willing to follow you back.

Don’t forget to use hashtags in your twitter post. This will increase visibility!

3.    Post On Google+ — This social media platform has become a way for business professionals to share their passions. Rather than seeing status updates on what your friends ate for breakfast, people are posting their latest blog post and tips to improve your company. The most effective way to post on Google+ is to use effective hashtags and link your post to a relevant community. If you do some digging you’ll find some communities of like-minded individuals who would benefit from your content and interact with your posts.

Google+ post

Be sure to build out of Google+ profile. Google+ posts are now ranking in Google searches, by filling out your profile you’ll improve your rank.

Does My Money Have Your Full Attention


 Does My Money Have Your Full Attention?

A few months ago, I bought a car. Now, this was quite the investment for me because I hate buying anything that puts me into debt for a few years, as I’m sure all of my readers can relate. But hey, I needed a car that was more reliable than my legs.

Now, you may be wondering why in the world am I talking about cars? Oh let me tell you why- simply because I had a not so pleasant customer service experience I’d like to share.

I will go into the nitty gritty details later on, but for now let’s just say there was quite a lot of miscommunication, broken promises, and down right unprofessionalism. I mean, I’m all about getting to know my salesman, but I’d rather not know about your drinking problems and recent divorce. (Just in case you thought that was a joke, it’s not).

After said experience, I was not afraid to let “unnamed car dealership” know how I felt about my experience with their business. Not because I wanted to be a whiny baby and complain- but because I hoped in my attempt to communicate how I felt I could help them see how they might perfect their process for future customers. I certainly didn’t want anyone else to be the “lucky customer” that I was.

Here’s what I had to say to them:

1. Focus on ME. I’m the paying customer. 

–That’s right, you read me right. Focus on me. Why would I want to invest thousands of dollars into something, if I didn’t even feel like the provider was focusing on my specific needs? If I say I need a sedan with 4 doors, AC, under such and such price- then don’t try to give me a truck with a nice stereo system that’s far over my price.

Here’s what would’ve worked: Maybe to some people, buying a car isn’t a lot of money for them- but for most, it is. If the salesman would have assured me that my money was being well spent and honed in on my specific needs, I would have felt so much better about handing over that sum of money to the company. Don’t show me a car that is $4k out of my budget. It will only cause frustration. My expectations would have been met, if I were given options that fit within what I was looking for. I truly believe this requires any salesperson to remove their selfish motives.   

2. Give me what you say you’re going to give me.

— If you tell me that my car comes with a full detail, a tank of gas, a hat, a bag of cookies… whatever…. Then you had better give it to me, otherwise my trust has completely gone out the window (as it surely did with this dealership).

Here’s what would’ve worked: Simply follow through! I can’t say it enough. Never over-promise and under-deliver. Now, I understand that sometimes mistakes happen and promises cannot always be fulfilled. However, if that’s the case, I would have felt important if the salesperson would have made up for the broken promise by offering something similar in its place. This shows responsibility and care on the company’s end. Not to mention the fact that fulfilled promises, in whatever way, can ensure repeat business. I can guarantee this company would have had my business again (because they sell great cars) if they had delivered.   

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate- Oh, and did I say communicate?

–My salesman, let’s call him Bill, was all about blaming what didn’t get done on those around him. Not only did Bill have someone else to blame, but so did Bob-his manager, who promised us that he would personally take care of things when they were not. Did Bob or Bill follow through on their communication skills? Did I get any sort of heads up of when I was to pick up my car, ever? Well, considering the fact that I’m writing this, I’d say it’s a big N-O.

Here’s what would’ve worked: Clearly communicated deadlines and expectations are so crucial to a customer’s happiness. I was so excited to have this new, shiny car and when I was told they would detail the car over night and they’d call me in the morning, I was so disappointed when no call came. I ended up going there later that night, only to find my car had yet to be detailed. A simple phone call that morning, letting me know that my detail had been delayed, would have been just fine. Communication is honestly so vital to every part of customer service. A lack of communication can lead to an assortment of problems. All I wanted, and all I think every customer wants, is clear communication.   

So how can you apply this experience into your life?

We know that cars may have absolutely nothing to do with your company, but it has everything to do with investing your money or your customers investing their money into you. And we understand that sometimes you or your customer have to sell plasma, take from a 401k, borrow money from life insurance, and sometimes from his/her own mother to make such an investment. However, please remember that as a provider- it is crucial for you to value your buyer and give them the best experience as possible. This, in turn, will give you great referrals, return service, and a good name.

Boost Your Video Campaigns with Hashtags

Boost Your Video Campaigns with Hashtags

Boost Your Video Campaigns with Hashtags

Hashtags have become part of the American culture. With celebrities leading the charge, hashtags have found their way into the news, business campaigns, and everyday life. It’s become a source for breaking news and a creative way to gain attention to your product or service. As you continue to push your videos on social media it’s time to start looking at ways hashtags can boost your campaigns.

  (get this Fast and Easy Video)

Before we jump into the best way to market your next video with hashtags, let’s go over some ground rules so you don’t alienate your social media fans before you get started.


Here are the 3 Laws of Hashtaging


1. Don’t Over Do It – there is a limit of two hashtags per tweet, maximum of three on Pinterest, and zero on Facebook. The moment you allow hashtags to overtake your posts your audience will start feel like they are being spammed.

2. Keep ‘Em Short and Sweet – #hashtagsarenotintendedforfullsentences. Contain your hashtags, they should add value to your post—not consume it.

3. Stay Relevant – It’s no secret when a company is only interested in views; they start using hashtags that are popular but not relevant to their posts. It’s easy to slip into this pattern when you are starting out and desperate for interaction but this not a tactic that converts. There may be more eyes viewing your status or post but this will likely turn off the reader as they were searching for something else.


Marketing with Hashtags


Hashtags originated on Twitter and can now be found on Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram. If you are posting on these social mediums without leveraging hashtags you are limiting visibility to your posts. Whether your goal is to create a hashtag campaign or use popular hashtags to reach a larger audience they can be very effective in marketing campaigns.


Stay Up-to-Date on Trending Hashtags


Begin by finding popular hashtags. is great place to stay up-to-date on what hashtags are trending on Twitter. When you get ready to launch your next video check to see if there are any applicable trending hashtags you can include in your posts.

I like to use to get live updates on trending Instagram hashtags. It’s the one social medium that allows for the use of many hashtags without backlash from fans. Instagram allows fifteen hashtags in every post. Use them wisely, the more applicable the hashtag the more likely you’ll see interaction from your fans and users on instagram.


Hashtag Campaigns on Twitter


Pushing a new product or service through a hashtag campaign on Twitter can be a very effective way to gain interaction. However, not every hashtag campaign is made equal. Some campaigns can be a huge boost for companies while others can actually hurt a company’s image.

Edge Shave Gel launched a hashtag campaign called #soirritating. Knowing that Twitter is popular place to complain, they offered a hashtag for tweeters to do just that. To encourage interaction, Edge’s social media team responded with solutions to the problems irritating their fans. This campaign resulted in 6,800 tweets and gained attention from many media outlets.


This campaign was successful because Edge played into the culture that is already present on Twitter—people like to complain. By leveraging this knowledge they created a platform for people to vent to them and receive interaction back. Any mid level tweeter finds excitement communicating with celebrities or well-known companies. Fans ability to directly communicate with their celebrity crush or interact with large scale companies is one reason Twitter is such a unique social medium. If you can provide this for your fans you will personify your business and create a relationship with them. Real fans will buy just about anything you put out.

Taco Bell is great example of a company who takes the time to interact with fans directly.

TacoBell on twitter


When two social media giants meet on Twitter  you can always expect great things.

oldspice vs taco bell

So what happens when a hashtag campaign goes wrong?


McDonald’s launched a Twitter campaign called #McDstories that did not go as planned. The campaign was intended for fans of the restaurant to share fun stories about eating at McDonald’s. As the hashtag was promoted it attracted an onslaught of negative stories about McDonald’s food. Some shared stories of finger nails being found in their food, others talked about receiving food poisoning, and others joked at the low quality meat. This was certainly something McDonald’s wasn’t intending. They were able to stop the campaign in just two hours but the responses were retweeted throughout the day. This will go down as one of the worst campaigns in Twitter history.

So why did things go sour for McDonald’s? One of the campaigns biggest pitfalls was a broad hashtag. It allowed for both negative and positive stories about McDonald’s. They failed to focus on a giveaway or new product. Successful campaigns have a clear purpose but are creative enough to draw the attention of fans.

As you begin to push out your next video look for ways to integrate hashtags into your campaign. Video is one of the best ways to receive interaction on social media and can be very useful when aligned with the right hashtag


+Wesley Bledsoe


How to Leverage Your Video for Backlinks

How to Leverage Your Video for Backlinks

Google has never been a fan of black hat SEO and that was made clear with the new Penguin 2.0 update. Their focus has changed to content and determining experts in each field. When the update rolled out we stayed strong in some areas of our SEO but were hurt in others. This caused us to rethink our marketing strategy as a whole. It’s no secret that Google loves great content and real backlinks so we decided to find a way to get both. Infographics have been a huge boost to SEO; they carry much more weight than a simple text blog but still not as much weight as video. We’ve landed backlinks by adding a source link to infographics and providing the option to embed them on your site. We decided to see if it was possible to land similar backlinks with video. Essentially, we are giving people the option to embed our video, with a source link attached to it. Okay, so now you understand the concept, but how are you going to convince someone to embed your video?

via Whiteboard Animation Video

Embed this on your site

Add your information below to get your embed code.

If you run into any problems adding the code to your site, comment below.

Leverage Video for Backlinks

If you’ve had some success with a video being shared on social platforms you know that sharable content can be a huge boost for your company; but there is no science to viral content. You might as well be rolling a 20 sided die, trying to hit your lucky number. If there was step by step process everyone would have discovered it by now. In the Ted Talk, Human BehaviorMeasuring Emotions to Improve Effectiveness of Online Video Ads, we are taught that people will share videos that make them look good. That can mean a number of things – some may want to look like experts, entertain their friends, or appear to be up-to-date on cutting edge technology. Keep this in mind when you are creating your content. However, the target changes slightly when you are looking to get your video embedded. People will share content on social platforms that make them look good, but they’ll only embed a video that is directly applicable to your audience. Your video needs to have the elements of a viral video and be beneficial enough for a blogger to pick it up and write about it, knowing it’s going to benefit their audience. You need to make your video blog worthy. The video needs to instruct, educate, and entertain a specific audience. Think to yourself, why would someone do a write up on this video? What can I offer that is beneficial to large audience in my industry? Would I blog about this?

Here are some other tools that will help you along the way:

How to Write the Perfect Script

Avoid Video Abandonment – Improve Viewer Engagement

+Wesley Bledsoe