Hosting Your Whiteboard Video

Hosting Your Whiteboard Video

Hosting Your Whiteboard Video

What is the best place to host your whiteboard video? Today, there are so many different options, so let’s take a look at a few of them.  YouTube, Vimeo, Ydraw, Amazon S3, Brightcove and Vzarr and see what the best option is for you. At the end of the blog, I’ll tell you my opinion.

When deciding where to host your whiteboard video you need to ask specific questions:
What is your goal?
Do you want everyone to see it?
Is it a company video only?
Is it going to be private or public?

Once you have those questions answered, the rest falls into place quite easily. Here are some video outlet pros and cons, so you can develop your own opinion on what company you would like to host your video under.

1.  YouTube

Pro:  YouTube is great if you are looking to get a video out on the internet quickly.  It is also easy to embed a YouTube video on your WordPress account. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and has insane amounts of traffic. It is extremely hard for a video to go viral if it is not accessible through YouTube. Take a look at the “Dollar Shave Club Video”, his business started on YouTube, and amazingly enough, Ydraw’s first job came from a YouTube video!

It works!

Con:  YouTube is owned by Google and you can bet they want as much traffic on their sites as possible.  If you embed a Youtube video on your WordPress site you will often times drive traffic away from your site to YouTube.

2.  Vimeo Pro

Pro:  “Vimeo” is free but “Vimeo Pro” is not.  Vimeo is a lot like YouTube, but it gives users an ability to customize the embedding on a video.  You can put a logo on your video, change the  colors, use auto-play settings, and view statistics.  Vimeo also has a lot higher range of video quality than YouTube.

Con:  Vimeo videos take a little bit longer to load than YouTube videos, but Vimeo has so much potential, and some great things should be expected from them over the next couple of years.

3.  Amazon S3

Pro:  Amazon S3 is for users who want to have more control over their videos. It is very cheap, and the load speeds are decent.  If you are going to host many videos, this might be a great option.

Con:  Amazon S3 is a little more complicated.  I have tried Amazon S3 for Ydraw videos, but I felt like it was not worth it.  I like my videos to be out on the market.

4.  Brightcove and Vzaar

Pro:  Brightcove and Vzaar are great places to host a video, and they have some great features.  I have never used their services so I can not recommend them, but I have heard good things.

Con:  They are not free.

5. Ydraw

Pro:  If you decide you want a custom made video, you are more than welcome to use our platform.  Ydraw will host your video.  With Ydraw hosting you can get all types of customized features and stats.  Ydraw offers an amazing video hosting platform that is perfect for marketing, sharing, and collaborating.   We do a lot of testing to see how our videos are performing, and our system is awesome.

Con:  It costs money.

Conclusion on Video Hosting

To become successful with online video initiatives, you will want to plaster the web with your videos.   A video is created to be seen, so get it out there, and make it viral as soon as possible!  Having videos on your website is just one step to improving your search rankings. You need to use all the free video hosting sites and then you will succeed when it comes to building search rankings for your site.  Use Ydraw or another paid services for successful whiteboard video hosting.
+Jace Vernon


Video Scribing: How Visuals Enhance Learning: Ted Talk Series TedxSunriver

Video Scribing: How Visuals Enhance Learning: Ted Talk Series TedxSunriver

Video Scribing: How Visuals Enhance Learning: Ted Talk Series TedxSunriver Summaries


Speaker: Kent Barney

Summary by Alecsy Christensen


How Visuals Enhance Learning

What is so important about having visuals and videos anyway? Why should you be convinced to put visuals and videos in your materials for successful business goings and ventures? Why do people tend to learn and remember better with visuals? How does it all work? All of these answers will soon be discovered.


Think of an owl, what does an owl represent? In our society, an owl represents wisdom. We think of an owl and most of us think of smarts, authority, and wisdom. Owls are a lot of times used in logos for schools, learning centers, reading centers, libraries, and other areas. Are there any owl logos you can think of that might be along those same lines? People associate words with pictures, we have certain feelings and thoughts that impact us when seeing a visual, or hearing a word. Humans couple words with pictures, that is how we learn.


In a study mentioned by Barney, there was a group of students learning english in a foreign country that were asked in one of their tests to “describe a blender” in 200 words. One group of students was given only that phrase: “describe a blender”. The other group of students were given that phrase and a picture of an actual blender. The study had amazing results:


In the group that only had the phrase “describe a blender” to work with, 53% of them accurately described a blender in 200 words. The group that had the phrase and a picture of a blender had a success rate of 93%, what an amazing comparison! Just with a simple picture, a group of students was able to have an increase in 40% success that they accurately completed their assignment.


Still not convinced? Lets look at Facebook Statistics:


Images and visual content get the most clicks out of anything else on Facebook!!! Unbelievable.


But what is it about images that helps us better understand?


Kent Barney had a great example of how images make such a big impact on a delivered message. Take the phrase “please do not pet the house cat”. As just a phrase, you are probably thinking this is a silly house cat that doesn’t like to be touched. You even might think the sign is funny, and scheme on how you might manage to pet the cat, just to make fun of the sign.


Please do Note Pet the House Cat


Now, take the same phrase as a caption or description to this picture:


video scribing

Please Do Not Pet the House Cat


If you saw this sign, would it change your thoughts about the whole phrase? Did this picture take you to a different understanding about the cat and why you shouldn’t pet it? Hopefully it did. 🙂 Visual content enhances a message and the way we understand it. I am sure you understood the phrase and the phrase coupled with the picture differently in each exercise.


Visuals take us to a new way of thinking, a place where we might not otherwise find. This new level of thought can enlighten us, heighten our senses, change the way we think, and ultimately, change the world.



Creative Videos that Inspire

+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen


Video Scribing: Who to Choose!

Video Scribing: Who to Choose!

Video Scribing:  Who are YOU going to Choose?


Video Scribing Companies seem to be popping up all over the place, so I am going to write a little guide on choosing the best video scribing company.  Ok, so you have a special product that you want to get sent out to the world, and you realize that you need the perfect video.  That is great! You have made a good decision. Now it comes down to WHO.


Here are some steps to help you on your journey in finding the best video scribing company around that works in your budget and creates good quality video scribing:


1.  Find a company that will pick up their phone and return your emails in a timely manner.

You might think this is a no-brainer, but I have made many different calls to explainer video companies (under my pseudo name of course) and a lot of them never call me back. It doesn’t make sense to me, a good video scribing company should always have good communication.


2.  Make sure the video scribing company you are interested in has the perfect artwork.

Do not put out a video that does not look professional. This doesn’t mean you have to go over your budget.  Keep searching until you find the right style of art at the right price, with the right quality.


3.  Look for a company that has experience.

All of us have to get our start from some place, but make sure the Video Scribing Company you choose is not getting their start with you.  You could end up getting a bad video and loosing valuable time and money in the process.


What is a good Price to pay for Video Scribing?


Each week we get a lot of people looking for a low budget video.  I feel bad for them, and would really like to produce the perfect video for their company, but this is not a cheap process.  It takes a team of talented people working around the clock to complete an amazing video scribing video.  So what is a good price to pay?  Here are your price ranges for a typical video scribing video:

  • High: $7,500 per minute
  • Medium: $3,000 per minute
  • Low: $1,500 per minute


I know that is a pretty big range, but when you call around, you will see that people are all over the board with their pricing strategies.  I do not suggest that you break the bank to get your video scribed video, but I would not go with a company that is at $1,500 a minute.  Their quality will likely be lacking.  Try to stay towards the middle of the pack, because there are a lot of video companies that are over-priced.


So ultimately, my suggestion is to call around.  Chat with different companies and see how you feel.  And as always, Ydraw is always here for you, and would love to answer any question you may have about video scribing.
+Jace Vernon

Viral Videos: A Fisherman’s Guide to Viral Video

Viral Videos: A Fisherman’s Guide to Viral Video

Viral videos are a constant mystery. What makes some videos go viral, while others do not?


Introducing ‘A Fisherman’s Guide to Viral Video,’ with information from experts on exactly what makes videos go viral.

Viral videos: A Fisherman’s Guide to Viral Video


After watching a video interviewing Thales Teixiera (an assistant professor at Harvard Business School) on his studies of the elements involved in making a video go viral, I came up with ‘Harvard’s Fisherman Guide to Video Viral’.

There are 4 steps in the fish catching process: the hook, the reel, the catch, and the big fish story. Viral video has these same four steps.

In the history of video ads, most people believe that videos need to have a memorable story and have the bait and hook at the end, just like a movie, saving the best for last. In recent studies this is not the case. Many people these days can skip through video ads, never getting to see the video’s bait and hook. Now, videos need to start with the hook.

(1)The Bait and Hook

Your viral video bait and hook has to be within the first five seconds of your video. It should be different, capturing the viewer’s attention with surprise and wonder.


(2)Reeling the Fish In

According to Teixiera, the way to keep viewers viewing is a lot like reeling in a fish, you alternate from yanking on the line, then letting it loose. The typical outlook people have on a viral video is that as long as your video is happy and humorous, people are more likely to watch it. This is not true. A viral video must have some funny and happy moments, and then take them away, and alternate throughout, giving apparent highs and lows.


Fishing Bait, Hook, and Reel Example: “Bud Light Swear Jar”

Animated Video – Google Display Business Trend Summary – Animated Video Strategy #3

Animated Video – Google Display Business Trend Summary – Animated Video Strategy #3

Animated videos by Ydraw are always up to date with the latest video strategies, tips, and tricks. Announcing strategy #3 for successful video campaigns.

Animated videos are trending in media and display networks, and Ydraw is the leading company for successful animated whiteboard. Always up to date with the latest news on successful video, Ydraw’s new strategy is analyzing and reporting the video and display trends.

Google Business Trend Summary – Analyzing and Reporting Video And Display Trends

According to Google’s Display Business Trends Report, from 2010-2011 many companies have developed an increase in presence on the internet, with growth of ad impressions with spending on ad exchanges growing from 58% to 72%.

animated video strategy 3

Animated Video is All Around the World

Content publishers are growing extremely fast from all parts of the world. The ad impression growth from a Google report stated that the US growth rate from 2010-2011 was at 24.7%, China at 10.5%, and Palau at an amazing 1106%, unbelievable!

Everyone is using their mobile phones these days, I know I have my whole life in my iPhone. As I expected, Google even seems to know I have been using my mobile phone more, growth in mobile usage has EXPLODED… increasing by 250% states a Google report, meaning it is crucial that all the media published for businesses should be accessible through mobile phones. People want to view videos in an accessible way.

And onto video, according to Google, video content monetization is now ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING segments in advertising.  In simpler terms, more and more companies are using video in their online strategies to generate revenue than ever before. Google says they are seeing a 175% increase in impressions ad videos, while the standard video player impressions seem to be phasing out. 51% of video ads on Google are between 15 to 30 seconds, with 36% over 30 seconds. Why might that 51% be? Because it is extremely hard to keep audience and their attention while watching a video! With animated whiteboard videos by Ydraw, reports show a 150% increase in dwell rate on videos, where most other videos lack. While standard videos get lower dwell rates, the average viewer of a Ydraw video is much higher than that compared to a regular animation video, as well as compared to a video with actual people in the video.

With viewers watching not only the first 30 seconds of your video like most videos these days according to Google, people will be more informed about your product or service, more inclined to learn more, and develop a deeper connection than with any other kind of video. AMAZING.

+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen