Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Writing whiteboard video scripts using Ethos, Pathos and Logos When you sit down to begin writing the script for your online marketing video, you want to keep three little words in your mind: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. These are the modes of persuasion. When trying to persuade somebody to do something – say, buy your…

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Animation video

Animation Video Announcement | New Online Video Behaviors and Statistics

Animation Video Announcement | New Online Video Behaviors and Statistics Many people opt for cooler activities during the hot summer months. The internet has become a hobby for many, and it seems that the animation video viewing is at the top of the list of things to do indoors. According to ReelSEO, last month alone…

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animated video strategy 3

Animated Video – Google Display Business Trend Summary – Animated Video Strategy #3

Animated videos by Ydraw are always up to date with the latest video strategies, tips, and tricks. Announcing strategy #3 for successful video campaigns. Animated videos are trending in media and display networks, and Ydraw is the leading company for successful animated whiteboard. Always up to date with the latest news on successful video, Ydraw’s…

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video marketing future

Where is Video Heading? Into the Future and Beyond

As more and more people are using Smartphones and Tablets every day, a considerable increase in video is moving right along with it the increase. The Wall Street Journal is just one of the media sites that believes in this increase: As more people gravitate to smartphones and tablets, they’re increasingly forgoing the desktop to the…

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Animation Production

Animation Production Process: New Specialty Announced by Ydraw

Animation Video Production – a new addition to Ydraw’s company specialties. The process to complete a short 1 min 30 second video is much like the video scribing process, where creativity, technical skill, and detailed drawings play big roles in completing a successful animated video.   The Animation production process is much like that of…

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animated doodles

Animated Doodle Video by Ydraw

Animated doodle videos are constantly being viewed everywhere. They might just be the next big thing in video marketing. Ydraw thinks so, and this is why they released a new animated doodle video exclusively for Beat Generals.     Animated doodle videos are the next marketing trend. Ydraw recently created a video for Beat Generals…

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