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They all laughed when we put out our video, but then the sales came in…

Hello customers, new customers, and future customers. Many of you may not know the humble beginnings of Ydraw.  It was started by a financial guru and a cement worker. People thought we were a bit crazy until we launched our first video on Youtube. Our simple company was started because of a YouTube video and…

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The New 2D and 3D Animation Video Are Here

I know many of you have been waiting to see our new 2d and 3d animation videos. Well your wait is over! You can check them out below.  3D animation pros and cons Up until now, 3D animation videos have been way out of budget for most companies. We have since found a way to…

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2014 Video Product Launches

So what are the new video marketing trends coming out in 2014?  Web video is still seeing massive growth, it has become a main stream activity for almost every house hold and should be a big part of your marketing budget.. Here are some interesting stats: 89 million people in the United States are going to…

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Ydraw Cruise Zipline

Ydraw On A Mexican Riviera Cruise

At Ydraw we are all about work, but every now and then we decide to take some time off. We had an amazing time this year on a Mexican Riviera Cruise. The Crew deserved it for all their hard work. Updates and pictures will be coming.

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Client Sample sent to Ydraw

Can We Create An Explainer Video Using Other People’s artwork?

Can We create an Explainer video Using other peoples artwork? Great Question.. and one that we get asked a lot. The answer is…AB-SO-LUTELY. The other day a client came to us and asked us if we could put together a video using his artist’s work instead of using one of our Ydraw artists to create…

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Silhouettes in drawing, Ydraw artist, drawing sihouettes

Silhouettes in Drawing

Silhouettes in Drawing One of the important principles in good drawing is silhouette. If a drawing can be blacked-in so that all you see is the shape, and the image is still readable and communicative, then you have made a good silhouette. The interior lines of a character or object will enhance a drawing that…

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